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Tall Maternity Maxi Press

August 6, 2013

maternity-maxi-dressOne of our readers just emailed us about this cute maternity maxi dress at Target. Here’s what she said,

“Just an FYI, I found a cute maternity maxi dress at Target this
morning that goes to the BOTTOM of my ankles. (I’m just under 6’3″)”

Thanks for the tip!

The dress does not say it is tall sized, but if it’s long enough for a 6’3″ reader, I’m guessing it would be long enough for me….except that I’m not pregnant. But for you prego gals, check it out!

Buy Online: Target
Price: $34.99


June 13, 2013

4-in-1-dressThis dress from the Gap is not tall sized, but the 4-in-1 feature gives some versatility to adjust the length for tall women.

The description on the site lists four ways to wear it:

MAXI SKIRT Long skirt folds to desired length.
TEA LENGTH Dress folds to mid-calf length.
NATURAL-WAIST MAXI Full-length dress with seam at waist.
DROP-WAIST MAXI Full-length dress with seam at low waist.

Buy Online: Gap
Price: $54.95

Day to Night Dress

May 3, 2013

LEL-polka-dot-dressI’ve been searching for a black (or mainly black) dress for an event I have coming up this summer, and this one caught my eye. The polka dots are subtle enough to to fit my needs. And the name seems appropriate, “Day to Night Dress“. That is exactly what I need! I have a bit of time before the event, so I’m still looking. But I am keeping this dress on my short list.

Buy Online: Long Elegant Legs
Price: $79.00

New Tall Catalog

April 30, 2013

LTS-boucle-longline-jacketI was excited to receive my new Long Tall Sally catalog recently. I instantly fell in love with this dress and jacket combo. Doesn’t it look like something that a celebrity or a politician would wear?

I love clothes that are versatile! You could wear this to work, out to dinner, or without the jacket if you’re feeling Spring-y (which by the way, I am)!

Buy Online: Long Tall Sally
Price: Dress is $135, Jacket is $149

Oceanfront Dress

April 15, 2010

oceanfront-dressI’ve had my eye on this dress from DownEast Basics for a while. I even saw it in my mall & tried it on. They didn’t have the right size in the color I wanted. Plus I’m still undecided.

It is not tall-sized, so of course it’s not quite as long on me as on the model. But long enough to go past that awkward mid-calf area. I work with the little kids at my church, so I’m looking for a couple longer options to keep things covered and comfortable while getting down on their level.

I do like the empire waist, which gives us tall or long-waisted girls a little leeway. Doesn’t the word leeway look weird? I’ve never written or typed it. Seriously. It looks odd.

Keeping my eyes out for a couple (knee length or longer) dresses or skirts this spring & summer. If you come across anything great, please give me a holler.

Buy Online: DownEast Basics
Price: $34.99

Dress and Jacket Set

March 1, 2010

dress-jacket-set.jpgWhile tall sized jeans are becoming a bit easier to find, it seems that true tall-sized dresses are still few and far between.

Check out this Dress & Jacket Set from Tall Girl Shop, now 50% off! My only complaint is I wish they show some different views, a picture without the jacket, and maybe the dress on a model?

While you’re at Tall Girl Shop, look around a bit. They have a lot of things on the 50% off sale.

Buy Online: Tall Girl Shop
Price: $159.95 $79.88

Cute Dress. Bummer.

October 1, 2009

saint-grace-elaine-dressI’m always on the lookout for cute dresses in tall sizes. I hate it when the waistline hits me at the ribs. I got excited for a sec when I saw this, until I noticed how short it is. My days of wearing short dresses are long gone. But for any of you gals with great legs to show off, check this out. It is on sale too! (But can someone please tell the model to wear a dark slip? Thanks.)

Buy Online: Tall Couture
Price: $69.00

More tall summer clearance!

June 27, 2008

printed-dressI can’t get enough of these end of season sales! Long Tall Sally has a huge sale going on right now, with many things up to 50% off. (Don’t forget to convert from Euros to dollars if needed.) This fully-lined printed dress is just 20 Euros, originally 59. Be sure to check out the rest of their sale items in every category.

Buy Online: Long Tall Sally
Price: Varies, many items on sale

Keyhole-neck Dress

January 29, 2008

Keyhole-neck dressI’ll admit, Penney’s isn’t on my go-to list when it comes to fashion, but come on! Sometimes the price and washability of a fabric just can’t be beat. It might be synthetic, but at least you know you won’t cry if your infant son spits up on your lap.

Buy online: JC Penney
Price: On sale! $69.99 for tall sizes.


Tall Clothing Shopping USA

These are not advertisements, just stores I've found online that cater to the vertically blessed!

International Tall Sizes

  • Chicks With Altitude
    Australian online store with trendy items for the younger set.
  • Long Legs
    Canadian site for tall work and play fashions.
  • Long Tall Sally
    UK shop with a little bit of everything. Nice selection.
  • Tall and All
    Lots of over the top trendy items for tall women.
  • Tall Girls UK
    Tall girl clothing and footwear for the younger set. Long inseams.
  • Tall Jeans
    Australian shop selling stylish jeans for tall gals.
  • Top Shop
    UK shop has a tall section with lots of very cute, affordable clothing. Will deliver to the U.S.
  • Your Highness
    Danish website offering fashion for tall women.
  • Dorothy Perkins Tall
    UK shop with lots of cute clothes for the tall woman and teen. Will deliver to the U.S.

Shoes & Footwear

Tall girls often have a larger foot size that local shops don't cater to. Here's a list of places you can find wider, larger shoe sizes.

  • Zappos
    You can search on wide and narrow sizes, extended calf sizes, and larger foot sizes here. Huge selection.
  • Coward Shoe Company
    Selections in larger shoe sizes.
  • Designer Shoes
    Especially for women with a larger footprint.
  • Shoe Express
    Cute shoes from size 11 to 15.
  • Shoe Styles
    Large selection of larger shoes with all kinds of widths.
  • Dream Shoes
    Loads of shoes in sizes 10 to 16.
  • Barefoot Tess
    A big variety of shoes, in sizes 10 to 15.