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Tall, Pregnant, and Comfortable?

September 15, 2016

RG Maternity Tall Jeans Having been through four pregnancies, I’ve tried on a lot of maternity jeans in my day. In most jeans, I’d count down the hours until I could get back home and put on something stretchy and soft. But these Bootcut Jeans ARE stretchy and soft. So soft, that for a split second, I almost thought I need to be pregnant again so I can wear these. ALMOST! Best of all, they’re available in both 36″ and 38″ inseams.

Buy Online: RG Maternity
Price: $84.99

Pin to Win $200 at Long Elegant Legs!

March 2, 2015

lel-shirtLong Elegant Legs has just released their new spring line, and they are having a Pinterest contest to celebrate! For a chance to win $200 in their shop, just follow them on Pinterest, create a #lelspring board, and repin ten items from their board. More contest details are here. Good luck!

40% off Lots of Styles!

December 11, 2013

bailey-heelLooking for something great to wear to that holiday party?
Barefoot Tess has a 40% discount code for all their “holiday shoes,” available in sizes 10-15.

This pair is normally $89, on sale for $79, and with the 40% discount code they come out to $47.40! Be sure to use discount code XMAS40 when ordering anything on this page.

Buy Online: Barefoot Tess
Price: Varies, 40% off Holiday Shoes

Tall Elongated Pencil Skirt

September 15, 2013

loft-pencil-skirtI love pencil skirts! They are classy, versatile, and often flattering.

Here’s another great pencil skirt with flattering lines, from Ann Taylor’s Loft. It is 27″ long and has a back vent.

Buy Online: Loft
Price: $79.50

God Bless America!

September 11, 2013


Tall Lace Jacket

September 7, 2013

lel-lace-jacketI found another jacket I like even better than yesterday’s. This Lace Jacket from Long Elegant Legs is still business appropriate, but with a bit more design detail and flair. It would be great with trousers, but I love it with the jeans in this picture too.

Long Elegant Legs has a whole section with business wear. Check it out here.

Buy Online: Long Elegant Legs

Comfy Maxi Dress

July 18, 2013

downeast-maxi-dressLast week I was out searching for something a bit dressy for a black and white function I will be attending soon.

While this dress didn’t end up being quite dressy enough for my event, it was super soft and comfortable! It’s not tall sized, but I often find that the lack of a waistline in maxi dresses lends itself well to tall figures. (If we could just get them to add a few inches to length now…grrr!)

Buy Online: Downeast
Price: $38.99

Places to Find Tall Swimsuits

June 2, 2013

lime-rickiThe search for tall and long-torso swimsuits has been fun this past week! I have found and heard of several shops that I was unfamiliar with. Some are called “tall” swimsuits, and some are geared toward “modesty”, but give tall women that extra length we’re looking for.

Here are some of the sites that may have possibilities for tall swimwear:

Divinita Sole (Lots of great options for tall ladies. I bought one last year, and it was plenty long for my 6’1″ frame. The site is a bit weird, the suits are not cheap, and shipping is double what it should be. But if you can live with those drawbacks, the suits are great. The fit and quality- at least on the suit I bought, were great.)

Hapari (Has lots of cute tankinis, some look long and some have rouched sides that are adjustable.)

Lime Ricki (My niece bought a suit there last summer, and it was super cute. The pictures on their site threw me off, because the model looks about 14. I had to double check sizing to make sure they were women’s sizes, but they are.) The suit pictured above is from Lime Ricki.

rey-swimwear-hollyRey Swimwear also has some retro looking suits that look like they run long. I thought this black tankini top (to the left) was unique and cute.

Long Tall Sally has a few suits, and tall is their specialty. But some of the tankinis look awfully short on the models, don’t you think? So maybe the bust placement will be good, but not sure about torso length.

Downeast Basics (They have only a couple tankinis that look long enough. Most look barely long enough for the models, so I’m sure they wouldn’t cover me.)

Shade used to have a decent selection of long suits, but when I searched swim on their site it looks like the little bit of swimwear they have left is on clearance. Maybe they are discontinuing swimwear? 🙁 Bummed.

Popina is a site I came across with retro suits, but I don’t know much about them.

Old Navy does have a couple “tall suits” but they don’t look very promising (at least if you care about torso length, I can’t speak for the bust placement). I haven’t had much luck with Old Navy or Gap when it comes to tall swimsuits.

Where have you found luck with tall swimsuits? If you find a great swimsuit for tall women, please let us know in the comments. For the rest of you, good luck in your search!

Tall Maternity Swimwear

May 29, 2013

Looking for tall maternity swimsuits is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! So instead of searching for tall maternity swimsuits, I started searching for maternity tankinis with two criteria.

1. They have to look pretty long on the model, meaning they might just be barely long enough on us tall chicks.

2. The shoulder straps have to either be adjustable, OR be halter style and tie behind the neck. That gives us a bit of control if we need to lengthen the straps and lower the bustline a bit.

Have you had any luck finding tall maternity swimsuits?  Check out this one from A Pea in the Pod. Cute huh?

Buy Online: A Pea in the Pod
Price: $89.50


Who Likes Skinny Jeans?

May 3, 2013

red-skinny-jeansI have a confession, I have a hard time adjusting to change. Even when it’s change the rest of the world loves. One thing I’ve had a hard time getting used to is the re-emergence of skinny jeans. I mean really really skinny jeans. You know, the “I’m going to pop a seam because I can barely get my size 11 feet through the ankle hole” type of jeans.

Such a small percentage of people look good in super skinny jeans. Listen, I realize some people can rock them. But the rest of us look like upside down triangles, with big hips (even if they’re not), tiny ankles, and big clunky feet.

alloy-pipers-closet-jeansBootcut, yes. Straight leg? Sure, why not. Slightly slim? Go for it. Super super skinny jeans? For the love of all that is holy, please don’t, unless you have verified with blunt and unbiased sources that you are part of the 2% that can pull it off. You will be kicking yourself in a decade when you look back at the unflattering pictures. And men, please no. Just don’t. Period.

Go on, throw stones. I know my opinion is not very fashion-forward. But here it is, laid out for the world to ridicule.

I can get on board with jeans like Alloy’s Pipers Closet Double Button Downs – slim enough through the leg to be flattering, but they don’t look like they’re cutting off blood flow to the feet. And guess what, they come in 37″ inseams!

Buy Online: Alloy
Price: $39.90


Tall Clothing Shopping USA

These are not advertisements, just stores I've found online that cater to the vertically blessed!

International Tall Sizes

  • Chicks With Altitude
    Australian online store with trendy items for the younger set.
  • Long Legs
    Canadian site for tall work and play fashions.
  • Long Tall Sally
    UK shop with a little bit of everything. Nice selection.
  • Tall and All
    Lots of over the top trendy items for tall women.
  • Tall Girls UK
    Tall girl clothing and footwear for the younger set. Long inseams.
  • Tall Jeans
    Australian shop selling stylish jeans for tall gals.
  • Top Shop
    UK shop has a tall section with lots of very cute, affordable clothing. Will deliver to the U.S.
  • Your Highness
    Danish website offering fashion for tall women.
  • Dorothy Perkins Tall
    UK shop with lots of cute clothes for the tall woman and teen. Will deliver to the U.S.

Shoes & Footwear

Tall girls often have a larger foot size that local shops don't cater to. Here's a list of places you can find wider, larger shoe sizes.

  • Zappos
    You can search on wide and narrow sizes, extended calf sizes, and larger foot sizes here. Huge selection.
  • Coward Shoe Company
    Selections in larger shoe sizes.
  • Designer Shoes
    Especially for women with a larger footprint.
  • Shoe Express
    Cute shoes from size 11 to 15.
  • Shoe Styles
    Large selection of larger shoes with all kinds of widths.
  • Dream Shoes
    Loads of shoes in sizes 10 to 16.
  • Barefoot Tess
    A big variety of shoes, in sizes 10 to 15.