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Tall Maternity Slacks

January 17, 2014

grayslackscpNeed 36″ inseam maternity slacks for work or going out? It can be tough to find tall maternity pants at all, but dress pants can be even harder to find than jeans. RG Maternity specializes in tall maternity clothes. Their inseams start at 36″ and select styles are available in 38″ inseams.

They just got some new 36″ inseam slacks, available in gray, brown, and a classy black pinstripe.

Go check them out!

Buy Online: RG Maternity
Price: $74.99

Everything Comes Back Eventually

September 24, 2013

j.jill-ankle-zip-leggingsThe past couple years have been nostalgic and somewhat amusing for me. I love seeing things I wore as a kid, making a come-back. Who ever thought ankle zippers would come back? And don’t even get me started on all the neon. I am loving this!

J. Jill has tall sizes, and they’re even having a sale through September 25. You can save 25% off your entire purchase!

Buy Online: J. Jill
Price: $79.00

P.S. By the way, ankle zippers are quite convenient for those of us with big feet. I remember some serious wrestling with skinny jeans in my high school days, trying to squeeze my huge feet into tiny ankle holes.

Tall Pinstripe Trousers

September 12, 2013

j-crew-pinstripe-trouserI am in love with these 36″ inseam wool trousers. LOVE! I love subtle pinstripes.

If you get them, take note that they’re dry clean only.

Buy Online: J. Crew
Price: $140

Tall Professional Wear

September 4, 2013

gap-trousersWe are featuring work-appropriate tall clothing this week. First up, these Modern Boot Pants. They’re available in black, gray, and navy. The good thing about Gap is, they usually have several styles with a 36″ inseam (in their regular clothes, but not in maternity).

I am no longer bitter about having to shop online for 36″ inseams. I figure that by the time you spend the gas money and time to drive all over town looking for tall clothes, you might as well pay shipping and have them delivered to your door, even if you have to risk paying return shipping.

These pants are made of 62% polyester, 33 viscose, and 5% spandex. They come in several colors, and the reviews look good too!

Buy Online: Gap
Price: $59.95

Tall Yoga Pants

August 24, 2013

under-armour-pantsI just came across these yoga pants from Under Armour. I am so thrilled to see more companies offering real tall sizes. These pants have a 35.5″ inseam. I haven’t tried them yet, but I have been impressed with a few other Under Armour items we have.

Buy Online: Under Armour
Price: $59.99

Best. Tall Sweatpants. Ever.

August 21, 2013

ultimate-sweatpants-lelI love me some sweatpants. One might even say I am a connoisseur of sweatpants. I have spent a great portion of the last decade and a half in sweatpants: raising babies (in sweatpants), working from home (in sweatpants) and coaching volleyball (you guessed it, in sweatpants).

So I get pretty excited when I find a pair that is perfect. Good quality, but not with fabric so thick it makes you hot. Perfect rise height. Perfect inseam length. Flattering (this can be a rarity in the sweatpants world). And of course, the MOST important requirement, soft.

I recently got these charcoal sweatpants from Long Elegant Legs, and can’t think of a single thing I would change about them. The pictures don’t do them justice. I would definitely wear these in public, although I think I’d wear them with my new Sauconys or my flip flops.

Buy Online: Long Elegant Legs
Price: $59

Now, please excuse me while I go curl up on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and my favorite sweatpants.

Nacho Says Let Them Have Stretchy Pants!

July 17, 2013

VS-yoga-pantsForgive me, but I just watched Nacho Libre for the first time. I know, I’m a little late to the party. And now that I’ve seen it, I can’t look at yoga pants without Jack Black’s “stretchy pants” voice in my head.

But I digress. This is the time of year when I am gearing up to coach volleyball. And when I am in the gym, I dress for comfort.

Victoria’s Secret is having a special on their yoga pants right now. And they come in Extra Long.

Buy Online: Victoria’s Secret
Price: 2/$55

36″ Inseam Trousers

June 11, 2013

eddie-bauer-trousersA lot of companies that carry “tall” clothing only have inseams that go up to 34″. But Eddie Bauer has some 36″ options, like these “Slightly Curvy StayShape Stretch Twill Pants- Straight Leg.” Boy is that a mouthful! Don’t try to say that five times fast.

They trousers are available in both “Curvy” and “Slightly Curvy” cuts.

Buy Online: Eddie Bauer
Price: $79.95 (if ordering “tall” size)

Long Yoga Pants

November 30, 2010

lululemon-yogaWhether pregnant or not, I am all about comfort. I have to have a few pairs of comfy lounge exercise pants to wear on a regular basis.

A reader named Hilary told me about Lululemon, who makes athletic clothes. Their tall sized yoga pants have inseams of 35″ – 35 1/2″ (depending on size). Ok they aren’t cheap, but this is the type of thing I could live in.

Buy Online: Lululemon
Price: Varies, $78-$108

30% off the most comfy pants ever!

June 24, 2010

fleece-pantsYes I’ve been slacking lately. Summer break has gotten the better of me.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. These pants! I am ashamed to admit I have still been lounging in my college athletic sweats from the mid-90s. Apparently it was cool back then to wear sweats two sizes too big. So I’ve had my eye out for sweats that are a little more flattering and feminine looking.

They come in 36″ inseams. I was worried they would be too short after washing/drying, but I have dried them several times and they are still long enough. Super soft, comfy, and warm. They’re available in several colors. Be sure to click on the “Tall” tab above the color options before selecting your size & color.

To make these even greater, Old Navy is having a 30% site wide sale today. Just use this code at checkout: ONBIG30

Buy Online: Old Navy
Price: $19.50 $13.65 today with discount code!


Tall Clothing Shopping USA

These are not advertisements, just stores I've found online that cater to the vertically blessed!

International Tall Sizes

  • Chicks With Altitude
    Australian online store with trendy items for the younger set.
  • Long Legs
    Canadian site for tall work and play fashions.
  • Long Tall Sally
    UK shop with a little bit of everything. Nice selection.
  • Tall and All
    Lots of over the top trendy items for tall women.
  • Tall Girls UK
    Tall girl clothing and footwear for the younger set. Long inseams.
  • Tall Jeans
    Australian shop selling stylish jeans for tall gals.
  • Top Shop
    UK shop has a tall section with lots of very cute, affordable clothing. Will deliver to the U.S.
  • Your Highness
    Danish website offering fashion for tall women.
  • Dorothy Perkins Tall
    UK shop with lots of cute clothes for the tall woman and teen. Will deliver to the U.S.

Shoes & Footwear

Tall girls often have a larger foot size that local shops don't cater to. Here's a list of places you can find wider, larger shoe sizes.

  • Zappos
    You can search on wide and narrow sizes, extended calf sizes, and larger foot sizes here. Huge selection.
  • Coward Shoe Company
    Selections in larger shoe sizes.
  • Designer Shoes
    Especially for women with a larger footprint.
  • Shoe Express
    Cute shoes from size 11 to 15.
  • Shoe Styles
    Large selection of larger shoes with all kinds of widths.
  • Dream Shoes
    Loads of shoes in sizes 10 to 16.
  • Barefoot Tess
    A big variety of shoes, in sizes 10 to 15.