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30% off the most comfy pants ever!

June 24, 2010

fleece-pantsYes I’ve been slacking lately. Summer break has gotten the better of me.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. These pants! I am ashamed to admit I have still been lounging in my college athletic sweats from the mid-90s. Apparently it was cool back then to wear sweats two sizes too big. So I’ve had my eye out for sweats that are a little more flattering and feminine looking.

They come in 36″ inseams. I was worried they would be too short after washing/drying, but I have dried them several times and they are still long enough. Super soft, comfy, and warm. They’re available in several colors. Be sure to click on the “Tall” tab above the color options before selecting your size & color.

To make these even greater, Old Navy is having a 30% site wide sale today. Just use this code at checkout: ONBIG30

Buy Online: Old Navy
Price: $19.50 $13.65 today with discount code!

Review: AE Boyfriend Jeans

February 27, 2010

ae-boyfriend-jean-review.jpgWell, the verdict is in. I received the 36″ long American Eagle Boyfriends Jeans that I got at a smoking $24.95 (now back up to $29.50).

Here is the summary:

Pros: The length of course, and the price for the length. Talk about rare! They come in long (34.5-35″) and X-Long (36″). I also like color of this “dark vintage” rinse. They are a little fitted through the thighs, but are not toooo tight for my athletic thighs like a lot of modern styles are. My thighs often feel like stuffed sausages when trying on the new cutesie jeans. But these are doable.

Cons: I like a bit of a low rise, but not the super low rise. No thanks on the drafty crack. While these aren’t dangerously low by today’s standards, they are just a bit low for my comfort zone. Also, they seem true to size through the hips & thighs, but gape at the waist. This is something I always struggle with. Maybe I’m built weird? If anyone shares this problem and knows of any great jeans that don’t gape, please tell me!

Verdict: While they are not perfect, I think these are well worth the $25-$30 price tag and are worth throwing on a belt to rectify a little gaping! I just may try American Eagle jeans again.

Buy Online: American Eagle
Price: $29.50

Review: Tab-Waist Coat

December 12, 2009

tab-waist-coatI wanted to try out this coat from Old Navy when it was on a Cyber Monday Sale. They had some smoking deals!

Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, so the search for the perfect tall coat continues. I had tried on a large in the store, but it felt a bit snug for my broad shoulders. So I ordered an XL tall online. The shoulders fit great, but it was huge through the waist and hips. Even beyond the the fuller hip style, it felt strangely proportioned.


Pros: Quality was decent, and seemed to be warm for a dress coat. Sleeve length was good.

Cons: Proportions between shoulders and waist/hips are odd.

Verdict: Didn’t work for me, so I am returning it. But it is a cute coat and may work for someone without my broad shoulders.

Buy Online: Old Navy
Price: $62.65

*If you purchase anything on Old Navy online through 12/15, you can save 20% using this code: ONSAVE20. Also, don’t forget to go through Cashbaq to earn an additional 3% back (plus $5 for a new account).

Review: Tall Boots and a discount code for anything

December 8, 2009

century-tall-bootI used to live in Arizona, and loved that you can wear sandals all year round. Those days are gone. I have been wanting some tall boots to wear with dresses, so my legs don’t freeze.

I bought these for $34.99 last week (although the price has now gone up).


Pros: Calf room is decent. I was worried because mine are a bit thick and they were out of the “full calf” sizes. I ordered the “average calf” size and they fit fine.

Cons: Not super comfortable, and the fake leather looks a bit fake. Go figure.

Verdict: Keeping them. They were super cheap, and I will mainly wear them to church, where I sit a lot so comfort isn’t a huge issue. Just checked back tonight and their real leather boots are on sale for $64.99, down from $130.If you want either style (or anything else at JCPenney) you can use the code NICE4U at checkout to save $10 on almost any order that is $10 or more.

Buy Online: JCPenney

Price: $49.99

Review: turtleneck sweater

December 7, 2009

jcp-turtleneckI have been loving turtlenecks lately, maybe because I live in cold country and it is freezing right now. Yeah, 7 degrees at the moment. Turtlenecks always seem cute on other people, but I have not had the best of luck finding one I love. I bought this one in Red Pepper, thinking it would be nice and festive for the holidays. Unfortunately, it looked a bit mom-ish when I put it on. (No offense to moms anywhere. Heck, I am one.) I think I would try this one next time instead, as the plain ribbed style seems a bit…I don’t know, safer?


Pros: Sweater length is decent, and sleeve length is very good for tall women.

Cons: Sweater shape is weird, and the band at the bottom feels very 80’s. Yarn pattern feels dated too.

Verdict: Back to the store it goes. But if it would work for you, details are below.

Buy Online: JCPenney

Price: $14.99-$17.99

Reviewing tall clothes

November 29, 2009

I am starting a new feature to this blog. I will feature & review tall clothing I actually buy. I enjoy scouring the web for tall deals, but on the internet things are not always what they seem. You’ll hear which retailers (and which specific items) are good for tall women. And which ones gear their “tall” clothing to the 5’7″ women. No offense 5’7″ish women. We love you. We just need longer clothes. And 5’7″ is the new average. Ok maybe not statistically, but it feels like it

trenchcoatSo the first item? This tall sized trenchcoat from Old Navy. A girly trenchcoat seemed like such a good idea. I see them on other people and they look cute. But when I put it on? Inspector Gadget. Seriously. I was bummed. The flaps & buttons on the shoulders are more conspicuous in real life than in the photo. Sizing was an issue too. I am broad in the shoulders, so I usually order up a size. Plus I figured I would be wearing layers, since I live in cold country. So I got an XL. But it was so big, I just felt frumpy. Problem is, I’ve tried on other Old Navy coats, & the larges were too confining in the shoulders. Sizing doesn’t seem to be consistent between styles. The good news is, the sleeves were plenty long. This is also on clearance right now with their holiday sales. I returned mine, but if you think it may work for you then hurry! They are going quick with this sale.

Buy Online: Old Navy
Price: SALE $24.75!


Tall Clothing Shopping USA

These are not advertisements, just stores I've found online that cater to the vertically blessed!

International Tall Sizes

  • Chicks With Altitude
    Australian online store with trendy items for the younger set.
  • Long Legs
    Canadian site for tall work and play fashions.
  • Long Tall Sally
    UK shop with a little bit of everything. Nice selection.
  • Tall and All
    Lots of over the top trendy items for tall women.
  • Tall Girls UK
    Tall girl clothing and footwear for the younger set. Long inseams.
  • Tall Jeans
    Australian shop selling stylish jeans for tall gals.
  • Top Shop
    UK shop has a tall section with lots of very cute, affordable clothing. Will deliver to the U.S.
  • Your Highness
    Danish website offering fashion for tall women.
  • Dorothy Perkins Tall
    UK shop with lots of cute clothes for the tall woman and teen. Will deliver to the U.S.

Shoes & Footwear

Tall girls often have a larger foot size that local shops don't cater to. Here's a list of places you can find wider, larger shoe sizes.

  • Zappos
    You can search on wide and narrow sizes, extended calf sizes, and larger foot sizes here. Huge selection.
  • Coward Shoe Company
    Selections in larger shoe sizes.
  • Designer Shoes
    Especially for women with a larger footprint.
  • Shoe Express
    Cute shoes from size 11 to 15.
  • Shoe Styles
    Large selection of larger shoes with all kinds of widths.
  • Dream Shoes
    Loads of shoes in sizes 10 to 16.
  • Barefoot Tess
    A big variety of shoes, in sizes 10 to 15.