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Tall Tweed Pencil Skirt

September 10, 2013

ann-taylor-tweed-pencil-skiAnn Taylor is another company that carries tall sizes. They have a pretty good selection of tall professional wear, including suits, blouses, pants, jackets, etc.

I just came across this tall Tweed Pencil Skirt and loved it!

Buy Online: Ann Taylor
Price: $89.00

Tall A-Line Skirt

May 9, 2013

gap-a-line-skirtI am definitely a creature of comfort. To a fault, I’m sure. Even when I have to dress up a bit, I prefer skirts that are soft or flowy and comfortable.

I love skirts like this Striped Foldover A-Line Skirt. Nice looking if you need to look presentable, but still comfy enough that if you wanted to tuck your legs under you and curl up with a book you could.

And it even comes in tall sizes!

Buy Online: Gap
Price: $44.95, but use code GAPMAY through today (Thursday May 9th) to save 30%!

Tall Pencil Skirt

April 30, 2013

gap-pencil-skirtI hate it when “knee length” pencil skirts actually hit you mid-thigh, because they’re made for short people. Luckily the gap makes them in tall sizes. I’ve got my eye on this one.

I read through the comments on this Pencil Skirt, and it sounds like it runs a bit longer than normal, even in regular sizing. Yay! So by ordering a tall size in addition to it running long anyway, it might actually end up just right for my 6’1″ frame. I’m looking for something that hits just above the knee. Anyone else have any luck finding one?

Buy Online: Gap
Price: $49.95 (but use code “GAP35” today to save 35%, making it $32.47

Tall Maxi Skirts

January 26, 2012

tall tiered maxi skirtHave you ever tried on a maxi skirt or dress and found that it hits you mid calf? Well, check out our new tall maxi skirts at RG Maternity. We designed the waistband so it can be worn whether you’re pregnant or not. And they’re actually floor length!

For the next three days, save $5 by ordering them at the introductory price. They are great for any season, and can be dressed up or down. Available in both brown and aqua.

Order Online: RG Maternity
Price: $39.99 3 day sale $34.99

Tiered Crinkle Skirt

May 6, 2010

tiered-crinkle-skirt.jpgI saw this skirt a while back, but was undecided and skipped over it. I think it is because of those scary shoes on the model. When I cover up the shoes, I realized I actually like the skirt. Plus it’s on sale! Available in white too.

Buy Online: J. Jill
Price: $69.00 $24.99

Sugar Plum Skirt

February 5, 2010

Sugar-Plum-SkirtI have had my eye out for skirts lately, because I need a couple new ones. I like this one because you can winterize it with boots & a sweater, or wear it with sandals when it is warm.

DownEast Basics has several skirts on sale right now. They are not tall-sized but are just past the knees on the models, so I assume they would hit me just a couple inches above.

Buy Online: DownEast Basics
Price: $24.99

Everything comes back!

July 8, 2008

swim-skirtI think it’s true what they say. Everything comes back if you wait long enough. I used to make fun of my mom for wearing a swimsuit with a skirt attached. I grew up swimming at a local college where they required you to wear their swimsuits. Suits that had a big flap across the front, which for lack of a better word, I called a skirt.

Over the past several years, I’ve been curiously watching swim skirts re-emerge. This is a bandwagon I just might jump on. They’re practical, and cover more. Let’s face it, this isn’t the body I had at 20. I am now a creature of practicality and comfort. So I’m keeping my eyes out for swim skirts. I’ve seen some cute ones that coordinate with a suit. But I may just pick up a plain versatile one, to hold me over until I find something I love.

Buy Online: JC Penney
Price: $21.99

Skirts Skirts Everywhere

June 12, 2008

cord-skirtI love skirts for summertime, but have always struggled with length issues. On my long body, the ‘long skirts’ hit me mid-shin, the ‘knee-length skirts’ become minis, and the ‘minis’ make me look like I belong on a corner somewhere. At Long Tall Sally, the models are actually tall. So while they do specify the length, you can get an idea of where a skirt will actually hit you at first glance.

They have a bunch of skirts on clearance right now, while supplies last. Sure you pay a bit more shipping, since they’re located in the UK. But you’ll make up for it with these prices. And don’t forget, their prices are in Euros, so use a currency calculator to find the cost in US dollars (or whatever you use).

Buy Online: Long Tall Sally
Price: Varies (listed in Euros) 

The ultimate in comfort

May 5, 2008

crinkle-skirtMy mother will be mortified that I’m admitting this, but ironing in my house is a semi-annual event. I would rather scrub toilets than iron. That’s why I love this type of skirt. Comfortable, wrinkly on purpose, and great for pulling out of a suitcase when you travel. This “Printed Stretch Crinkle Skirt” from Luxuriously Tall is 34.5″ long.

(It’s not letting me link directly to the page, so you may need to click ‘skirts’ on the left, and scroll down a bit ’til you see it.)

Buy Online: Luxuriously Tall
Price: $55.00

The Ruffle Skirt

April 8, 2008

ruffle-skirtThis is one of my favorite styles for skirts. They’re cute & feminine, but also super comfortable. Available in tall sizes and many colors at The Gap.

Buy Online: The Gap
Price: $39.50


Tall Clothing Shopping USA

These are not advertisements, just stores I've found online that cater to the vertically blessed!

International Tall Sizes

  • Chicks With Altitude
    Australian online store with trendy items for the younger set.
  • Long Legs
    Canadian site for tall work and play fashions.
  • Long Tall Sally
    UK shop with a little bit of everything. Nice selection.
  • Tall and All
    Lots of over the top trendy items for tall women.
  • Tall Girls UK
    Tall girl clothing and footwear for the younger set. Long inseams.
  • Tall Jeans
    Australian shop selling stylish jeans for tall gals.
  • Top Shop
    UK shop has a tall section with lots of very cute, affordable clothing. Will deliver to the U.S.
  • Your Highness
    Danish website offering fashion for tall women.
  • Dorothy Perkins Tall
    UK shop with lots of cute clothes for the tall woman and teen. Will deliver to the U.S.

Shoes & Footwear

Tall girls often have a larger foot size that local shops don't cater to. Here's a list of places you can find wider, larger shoe sizes.

  • Zappos
    You can search on wide and narrow sizes, extended calf sizes, and larger foot sizes here. Huge selection.
  • Coward Shoe Company
    Selections in larger shoe sizes.
  • Designer Shoes
    Especially for women with a larger footprint.
  • Shoe Express
    Cute shoes from size 11 to 15.
  • Shoe Styles
    Large selection of larger shoes with all kinds of widths.
  • Dream Shoes
    Loads of shoes in sizes 10 to 16.
  • Barefoot Tess
    A big variety of shoes, in sizes 10 to 15.